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Postby Tygaa » Wed May 26, 2010 2:17 pm

Player Age: 25
Player Location: UK london
Player PC spec: Duo2core 3Ghz, XFX Geforce8500 GT 1GB, 4GB RAM, 20Mb Virgin Broadband.
Usual MS?: 25-50
Usual FPS?: 40+

Char Name: Tyga
Char Level: 80
Char Played time: 113days, at this level 37days (type /played )
Char Class: Warrior
Char Race: Human
Char Spec: Protection Deep Wounds 15/3/53
ALT chars?: Sinfury(shadow priest)Level80,

Armoury link: http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet ... and&n=tyga

PLS YOUR LINK your GUI (Graphic User Interface): http://tyga.myby.co.uk/tygaoldui.jpg

offspec UI = http://tyga.myby.co.uk/dpsarms.jpg

What is yout RAIDING experience in The Burning Crusade? List your progress & state if pre-nerf, pre-lichking!
TBC raid Experience:
Karazhan, ZA,, Gruul, Maggy, SSC, TK, MH, BT. all cleared and farmed for months and months pre-nerf, & pre-lichking

I didnt get to go into Sunwell, and i ran out of time to kill Arcimonde & Illidan pre-nerf/pre-lichking.

What is yout RAIDING experience in The Wrath of the Lich King expansion? List your progress & state if pre-ulduar, pre-Crusader patch???
Wotlk raid experience:
Naxx10, Naxx25, Os10, OS25(3drakes) , EoE10, EoE25. All cleared and farmed for months and months before ulduar & crusader was released!!!!

What is yout RAIDING experience in ULDUAR instance? List your progress & state if pre-Crusader patch???
Ulduar raid Experience:
Cleared all up to Yoggy on 25man 12/14
10man all cleared 14/14 + hardmodes x 6 (ignis, xt002, hodir, auriya, thorium, Iron Council)

all this progress was done pre-crusader.

What is yout RAIDING experience in ICC instance? List your progress & state any heroics/hardmodes???
icc10 done 11/12 with various hardmodes (mara, lady, gunship, rotface, fester, dreamwalker, bloodqueen)
icc25 done 11/12 with various hardmodes (mara, gunship, rotface, dreamwalker, bloodqueen)

Why do you want to join XXV?
Because i am very active, i play almost everynight, and i strive to always clear every content. I enjoy the challenge and like to be geared well. I want to do hardmodes and be in a successful honest and hardworking guild.

Who was your last guild and why did you lave your previous guild?
because they didnt offer hardmodes, raids where often long winded and not productive, and the GM was a ass! Also didnt agree with their looting metods.

What is your spell rotations and why? Also are you a Click or a Binder?
I usually start a pull with a range attack or i charge in, which varies on which mob it is... i then do Devetate, SS, Rev, (heroicstrike on proc & rage dump) and extras like thunderclap, shockwave, demo, concussion for AOE mob tanking. cuz of the procs from my glyphs and talent tree i use DEv, SS, rev, heroic strike alot. I sometimes Tab through targets getting extra aggro on them that way. This method and spec usually is flawless... and i rarely get over-aggro'ed, if i do i intervene someone or pop viligilance on them. I used to bash buttons but now i use my bindings alot more especially for repeative tasks on fights i have alot of bindings assigned.

Do you use vent?

What Addons do you use?
dbm, bigwigs, omen, xperl, dominos, recount, sexymap, bigbrother. tukui, shadow greenlight, Dues Vox, classtimer

Have you read, understood and accept the sin rules?
Yes i believe rules are key to good organisation and fairness, makes raids more productive and efficient.

Have you seen our DKP site, and agree with the calculations and rules of it?
Yes. it is a fair way to distribute loot, to those who work hard for the sake of the guild, turning up and carrying out their role in the raid.

OTHER INFO: please link videos of you raiding or write anything else you feel you want to add.
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