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Postby Tygaa » Mon Jun 14, 2010 12:46 pm


I am Tyga, i have several 80's and have played on various realms...My main is a warrior on alliance and i have been playing for about 4-5 years..

clearing all end content in the process... my focus is PvE

I have created this guild to maintain a regular successful raid. Currently our guild is leveling and gearing up together. I fancied a bloodelf paladin, and i intend to raid with it.

We will be raid toc/icc/oyxnia 10 & 25 man every week.

my progress in ICC is 11/12 on 10 and 25man... with most of the heroic modes too...(10man = 9/12 heroics) (25man 9/12)

What we are looking for is :
* dedicated raiders who come prepaired with the right spec, enchants, gems, flasks, rotations, have made an effort with addons/UI/bindings...
* experience: people who have achievements, know tactics etc..
* reliable people who show up on time, dont afk/brb/dc all the time. People with bad connections will be dealt with.
* players need to show calm, maturity, respectful....this should all come naturally...we are not your parents...your please act like one...
* players prepared to wipe in order to secure progress... its not always one-shot...some players may let us down...but you dust it off and try again!

read our rules and apply on the forums!
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