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I. Who we are and what we do
II. Our Goals
III. Guild Structure
VI. General Philosophy
V. Communication Conduct
VI. Group Etiquette
VII. Exploits
VIII. Single Guild Membership
IX. Transference of Account
X. DKP System / Loot awards
XI. Raid Rules
XII. Raid Signups
XIII. Discipline
XIV. Recruitment
XV. Recommending Members
XVI. Class Cap Limitations
XVII. Leaving XXV
XVIII. Raid Schedule
XX. Guild Bank

I. Who we are and what we do
XXV is an Horde guild in the Outland Realm of World of Warcraft. We were formed in May 29th 2010 and have several members here Since that time. We focus on Community Based High End Instance Raiding. We value teamwork, fellowship and sharing. We pride ourselves on striving to maintain a fine balance between serious raiding and real life in order to ensure all of our members find playing within the guild to their enjoyment. We do not tolerate those who continually refuse to cooperate with their guild mates or act in a belligerent and abusive manner or make constant demands on others.

What makes XXV different from other guilds are the philosophies. We all work together in the pursuit of the common goal. Within our organisation it is easy to see why we are successful. Individual commitment to our group effort is what makes our team work. The achievements of our organisation are the results of the combined effort of each individual.

Our current members are at level 80 – all good players and all committed members. We only pursue the best and being the best. In fact most of our group have come together from long time relationships and referral.

The following sections outline player responsibilities and roles, as well as the rules and policies of the guild.

Note: The Officers of XXV realise that many different situations can call for variance on the rules listed below. Please use these as a general guideline and in chaotic situations a fallback to help keep everyone functioning in a way that is most effective to the group effort.

II. Our Goals
The primary goals of XXV are to build a social guild, aid in the creation of a fun game experience for members, and become an end-game guild active in raiding which in time will defeat everything this environment can throw at us. (Both PvE and PvP).

The Officers of XXV believe one of the best ways to achieve these goals is through a disciplined approach to raiding. When every member of a raid is following a strong leader, the group can provide a fast-moving and enjoyable advancement. This leads to better gear, higher levels, stronger relationships, and an overall stronger guild.

Another important idea is respect. We want XXV to build a strong reputation. Other guilds should not see us as loot whores. Our members should treat all players with respect in and out of the game. If we can manage to build a reputation of integrity, we can maintain a respected reputation and even can become a guild that is active in shaping the face of the realm in addition to achieving all we wish to achieve.

III. Guild Structure

Guild Ranks

Social - This group of players will not be entitled to most the the stuff our regular members are entitled to, they are simple there to socialise, and may be close friends or real-life friends of players who are in XXV. They will not be garanteed any spot on our raids, and should not expect it. However if they are active, and are geared enough for the instance, if we are short one day, they will be our last resort if we dont have any subs, trialists or members. If there is no Social players, we then offer a spot to PUGGs.

Alt - Guild member’s alternative characters

Trial - People invited into the Guild as Trials have an opportunity to prove themselves as good members and team players. The trials are in evaluation status as to determine that their game play meets our standards. In this period we will be assessing game play, teamwork, attitude, attendance, behaviour, respect and overall understanding and adherence to our policies. Once completing this period Trials will be evaluated for promotion to Member.

Member - To be a member of XXV is to be a part of the guild with honour. These people who occupy this post have proven themselves time and time again as good raiders. A Member is a proud and trusted part of XXV. They are the bread and butter of what makes our guild great. The proud members of XXV see to it that the guild is active and stronger then ever, and do they best to solve any problem or fight.

Raider - To be promoted to the next rank of Raider a Member needs to show commitment and interest to the guild overall for an extended period of time. Be active and party with the members, join in on raids and really contribute so that you in the best possible way stand out from the crowd for the officers. You must know your tactics and have studied your character well, and is as well willing to give any needing members a helping hand whenever it’s needed. All past events regarding the person will be closely discussed and reviewed by the current officer ranks. You will need to have helped to evolve and improve our current system and tactics and have a very good contact with the officers in place. You are to be 100% trusted by all of our members. There can be absolutely NO doubt about your commitment as a Raider.

Officer Ranks
Warlord is an officer rank, with full voting rights regarding democratic guild issues. He or she will always keep in touch with all the members, and is bound to inform the other officers of any needed information. He or she sees to it that the rules are always respected by all, but without in any way abusing his or her powers in anger or any other situation. A Warlord always shows that he or she he is interested in the guilds best interests and does not in any way put themselves in front of the guild. Warlords are the core members of our guild and help to insure its successes and development over time.

The Warlords are a select few Raiders elevated to a core decision making role within the guild. Warlords may been assigned key responsibilities that are essential for the guild to work within it current systems, without which this guild would not be possible. The Tribunes daily contribution to us in XXV is what helps all of the inner workings come together. Very important are as well the social and leadership skills of this person, and he/she has to have a outstanding ability in handling people regardless of the situation.

Only a very select few Warlords over time will be chosen to sit alongside class officers in this decision making rank in guild. They will be hardcore gamers whose dedication to the guild and it's progress is without question, and they will have been with us for a considerable length of time both in guild and as an active Raider.

The Warlords are major authority factors within the guild. There will be one Warlord per each character class for leadership roles and are ultimately in charge when the Guild Master is not online. For their given class they are in charge of all responsibilities for organising their members and reporting directly to the Guild Master. The Warlords daily contribution to us in is what helps all of the inner workings come together. Very important are as well the social and leadership skills of this person, and he/she has to have a outstanding ability in handling people regardless of the
situation and as well has to be able to command authority.

Council - GM's most trusted, loyal officers. they should be treated as if they are the GM too!

GUild Master - This is the highest rank in XXV. The Guild Master has a direct input into all developments and running of the guild and also the final word in any critical situation. Big Brother watches all.

Responsibilities of All Officers

Above and beyond their official duties, all officers are responsible for:

- Representing the XXV ideals.
- Making important decisions when the guild master is not present.
- Escalating issues to the guild master whenever they are unable to resolve the conflict themselves.
- Attending any officers meeting when necessary.
- Helping all members better understand guild policies.
- Being there for people whenever they can help.
- Guarding the guild's good name in all public arenas.
- Mentoring and helping members to remain as long-term, productive members of the guild

All guild members are expected to adhere to the policies set forth in this code of conduct, and their rank and status with the guild may be contingent on their ability to do so.

IV. General Philosophies
The XXV Philosophies

Game-life balance is imperative to be successful - If you are not in control of your life you really shouldn't be playing any of today’s online mmorpg games, all of which are designed to be highly addictive. XXV members should know how to keep an in-game/out-of-game balance so that relationships with spouses and loved ones never reach crisis levels and so that careers and educational efforts aren't ruined. We take our game-time seriously, but we also believe that balance is vitally important for long term mental, social and financial stability of all guild members. Our in-game activities are held during predictable hours. We hold organized play activities during set times and keep such activities within reasonable limits. In World of Warcraft some guilds required their members to raid as many as 60 hours per week. As a result, these guilds progressed far and fast, but they did so at great cost to their members. People lost their jobs, their wives, their husbands – in short, people raiding 60 hours per week have very little time to take care of the things that are important to them. Therefore, XXV will always hold organised raid activities during set, predictable hours within reasonable limits. This will allow our members to plan for the game and control their lives but will also allow us to achieve longevity in this game. Games are a leisure activity and should never come before your health, financial stability, or loved ones.

Excellence is required - Since we will be playing more focused hours than the competition is playing, we must beat them through excellence. People make mistakes, but ignorance of an encounter, map, or tactic is inexcusable. Carelessness with guild time is an offence of the highest order. There is no shame in failure, only shame in associating oneself with the tools to fail.

Dedication, loyalty and commitment are rewarded - Every person who joins XXV in any game will be required to agree to comply with certain behaviours. Failure to live up to this agreement will result in dismissal. Conversely, those who show the guild loyalty (through length of service), dedication (through consistent service) and commitment (by keeping their word) will be rewarded heavily.

Leadership and communication matter - Too many guilds believe that the key to winning any battle is with numbers or resources. XXV differentiates itself from the pack by using professional communications tools to educate and train every guild member in the ways and art of war. We focus on leadership and by requiring that members pass rigorous screening before promotion to core ranks.

In order to ensure that all types of players are accommodated there are rules for players on how to conduct themselves while members of XXV. As a member of XXV, you adventure around Nagrand server with our guild name prominently displayed directly under your own. The actions you take therefore directly reflect on us as well as on yourself. Please keep this in mind while playing, because as you decide to be horrible or kind to someone it can either hurt or help our guild.

All guild members are asked to keep the following ideas in mind when dealing with each other and those outside of our guild both in and out of the game. The Officers of XXV simply want to ensure the game stays fun for everyone involved. XXV remains devoted to making the World of Warcraft an immersive and enjoyable experience. All guild members are expected to conduct themselves in public in a manner that reflects positively on XXV’s image.

All guild members are requested to treat each other with respect. Gratuitous profanity or disrespect may be grounds for dismissal. If you are asked to stop using profanity or discontinue annoying behaviour you are expected to do so immediately.

V. Communication Conduct
Guild Chat, Officer Chat, Raid Chat, our website's forums, and Ventrilo are all places where we as members go to communicate with each other, request assistance for quests, look for guild groups, enjoy friendly banter and many other things. There are some basic policies regarding conduct and use that we should all be aware of so we can keep all our chats, typed or voice, friendly and operate in a non-hostile environment. It is hoped that we will never need to review these policies, but they are here just in case.

Please do not spam the guild chat. It’s unnecessary, often annoying, and repeated offenders may find themselves under disciplinary action. Foul language should be kept to a minimum. Some players have children that may be watching; some players might be children themselves. This rule might seem unnecessary, however foul language is not required to communicate and minimizing it is a courtesy XXV asks you to extend to your guild mates. If you receive a pm to ease up on language please do so. If you feel the Tell is unwarranted the officers will be glad to discuss it with you.

Harassing, degrading, or any abuse of fellow members will not be tolerated. If you feel you are being treated as such, send a pm to the member who is behaving so and, if the behaviour continues, contact an officer. Sometimes the officers are busy with many things such as scouting targets, officer meetings and more, and will miss a lot of what is going on in guild chat. It’s up to you to make sure the Officers know there’s a problem if it escalates to that point.

Our website,, strives to be the main hub of guild-related information for all members. The site has forums established for its guild members to use and enjoy and all members are of course encouraged to do so. However, all guild members are also required to follow basic common courtesy rules when posting on the site. Please refrain from excessive foul language, posting or use of pornographic imagery (including avatars/signatures), and trashing others. Frequent violations could result in a permanent suspension of posting privileges and/or removal from the guild.

Chat channels and Ventrilo are used during raids. We encourage fun, banter and communication in all Chat channels. During raids, especially during Boss Fights, Raid Chat, Class Chats and Ventrilo are vital for communicating. A clear Raid Chat channel is also needed to recover after a wipe. Please try to avoid unrelated chatter during Boss Fights. Please honour requests to clear the Vent channel. Constant arguing in any Chat channel during raids will not be tolerated. If an incident occurs that you feel needs to be voiced feel free to send a Tell to an officer, your Class Leader or Raid Leader.

Members should avoid allowing complaints devolve into public abuse contests. Complaints about guild members should be directed to your Officers. Complaints about officers can be directed to either the guild leader or a different officer. Repeated violations of this policy will result in disciplinary action, including but not limited to: demotion of rank, suspension of chat and forum privileges, or removal from the guild.

Derogatory remarks regarding a person’s ethnicity, sex, religion, sexual preference, or nationality is strictly prohibited. It is ignorant, unfortunate, and has no place in XXV. If any member is found guilty of engagement in these types of remarks they will be removed from the guild immediately. IO maintains a zero-tolerance policy for this type of behaviour.

Don't be rash. If you're about to say something while angry it's best you take a deep breath, sit on your hands and bite your tongue or you'll regret it later. Outbursts in these areas do nothing but cause unrest and will be dealt with accordingly if need be. Massive arguments and flaming in public channels will no longer be tolerated.

Respect the chain of command. We have many core members here for ages and as well appointed Warlords. In Guild Chat, Raid Chat, Forums and Ventrilo if guild member of higher rank tells you that something needs to be done then it needs to be done immediately. Orders need to be followed in raids as well as all other channels. Massive arguments and flaming in public channels will no longer be tolerated. If a higher ranked member tells you to take it in private tells or stop arguing or flaming then do it immediately. Not following the chain of command is a guild violation. If you have a problem with an officer regarding this or if you feel someone is abusing their rank then please talk to Rall to sort it out.

VI. Group Etiquette
Members of XXV are expected to treat all random players they group with as though they were fellow members of XXV. Members are to play at the same level in a blue instance pick up group (PUG) as they would in an XXV raid, because they represent the guild to the rest of the server. Taking items not meant for your class, or "ninja’ing", is frowned upon by the WoW community as a whole and specifically by the guild. This includes any group members are involved in, be it guild-only or PUG and at any group level. Members found guilty of this offence shall be punished, which include but are not limited to: demotion of rank, being asked to pay back the gold-value of the item ninja’d to the person(s) affected (with value set at the discretion of XXV officers with auction house values as a bar, if possible), or even removal from the guild. Please just remember, you wouldn’t like it if someone ninja’d an item from you, so please be nice and don’t do it to others.

VII. Exploits
Exploits are not accepted in the Blizzard End-User Agreement and, even if you aren’t banned for using them, their use will not be tolerated within the guild. World of Warcraft is not so difficult that exploits are required, and members are encouraged to ask others for tactics if they feel their PvP/PvE game needs improvement. The use of exploits negatively affects the reputation of XXV and will lead to punishment if caught by an officer of XXV.

In all cases the use of cheats, i.e. illegal user interface mods, third party software, etc., is grounds for immediate removal from the guild if caught by either Blizzard (and you aren’t banned) or a guild officer. This is a zero-tolerance policy.

VIII. Single Guild Membership
All XXV members and Applicants will be expected to provide us with a list all the alts they have on Nagrand. If they choose to have them guilded they must bring them into XXV once they achieve level 40. Members may play any unguilded alts they wish of course and have as many chars as they want on other servers.

This is in place solely because we have had incidents in the past of members having raiding chars in other guilds and therefore not being dedicated raiding members of XXV, having low attendance and divided loyalties. We do not want XXV members to be members of numerous guilds on this server. We expect dedication and commitment from our members.

If ANY XXV member has an alt char above level 40 in another guild on Nagrand without express advance permission from the Guild Leader of XXV you may be subject to disciplinary action up to and including dismissal from the guild.

IX. Transference of account
All information listed in the Guild Application, Member Profiles, etc. must be accurate and up to date. The guild will keep such information private. Failure to update changes in said information, particularly Name of Player may result in disciplinary action up to and including dismissal from the guild.

In the event that your account is hacked, stolen, given to another person or you are going to discontinue use of that account you are responsible for:

a. Notifying the GM immediately.
b. Updating all information in the Application and Member Profiles section of the XXV Forum.

Note that, in the event of an ownership change, said notification does not guarantee continued membership in XXV. Membership in XXV is associated with the individual; not the account or characters.

The Guild master and or Raid leader is entitled to know the identity of the individual playing a member character at any time, but especially in raids. If an unknown and unapproved player plays your guilded character you may be subject to disciplinary action up to and including dismissal from the guild.

X. DKP Loot System
Loot is just one of many rewards that come with being in XXV, but it's something that's often a source of controversy in many guilds. We hope that clear rules and guidelines will set the proper expectations about the rewards you can expect to reap as you fight with us.

Item loot is dispensed the moment it drops. Our general principles governing loot decisions can be summed up like so: We want a long-lasting guild with low turnover. We therefore more heavily reward players who show loyalty to the guild and who spend time improving the guild. Bottom line: Our loot system will reward loyal, long-term membership.

XXV handles loot via a DKP based points system(25mans only). This system is only in place for large scale raids. Guild members earn points from attending a raid and making boss kills. Members then can spend those points whenever they need an item. This system encourages members to evaluate equipment choice and to consider long-term upgrade paths. The end result is more loot in the right hands.


Earning DKP

DKP FROM RAIDS: We will hold raids according to the guild raid schedule. All guild members in good standing who attend earn DKP from raids. DKP will be earned for killing bosses and per hour spent.

Spending DKP
Overview: When an item drops it is then available to immediately be distributed to a member of the guild that qualifies to receive that item. At that stage the raid leader will call for members who NEED the item under the CAWU policy to whisper the acting DKP officer stating “NEED”. Upon reviewing the DKP data the person with the highest DKP saying NEED wins the item. If no one states they NEED the item it is decidedly sharded or guildbanked if boe.


LOOT DISBURSEMENT HIERARCHY: We are not doing these raids for getting rich we are doing them for the kills and the loot drops. BoP AND BoE items that fall under the CAWU policy below will be dispensed in this manner. Any BoP items not needed will be sharded and retained by the guild bank. Any BoE items not needed will be retained by the guild bank and sold at auction if not claimed by a member for DKP. Otherwise the items and shards will be sold and the gold retained by the guild bank for raid reagents, special giveaways, and so on.

CAWU: All items are "can and will use" (CAWU). That means that players who can and will immediately equip the item because it is an upgrade to what they currently have are eligible to say need on the item.

WHERE TO SAY NEED: Only requests for needs by whisper to the master looter will count. Any request mistakenly put into another channel is ignored. Make sure you make your request in the correct channel and whisper your group number as well.

ANNOUNCEMENT PROTOCALS: The loot master will make the announcement for an item to be requested if needed in the raid channel. Please DO NOT spam need in the raid channel.

CONGRATS IN TELLS: When someone wins an item it's very exciting, but only one person won, so only one person should receive congrats. Only you can take a bite out of spam, so send a whisper when you want to congratulate someone.

Rolling for Offspec Items

Now regarding Offspec needing and the big discussion about this. It seems to me that the main thing is that people want to stop seeing sharded gear which of course makes perfect sense to me. Shards are a big part of what pays for guild sponsored crafting in the future as well as enchants. This said however it is also important for our members to have valid Offspec gear sets.

The problem is all the discussion about who can roll on what and abuse of the system. Lines need to be drawn in grey areas to ensure no abuse takes place. I think it can be easily defined by determining player's main raid duties as their main spec. We have clearly defined duties at the moment so we should use this guideline and NOT allow switching of these unless the guild needs them to do it for a raid (respeccing for a raid will be at guild bank cost if we need anyone to do it).

Main duties should be designated as Tank, Healer, Melee Dps, Ranged Dps. To avoid any arguments we should allow members to only roll for items which are different from their above designated duties in raids. Any item which falls under the category of a members main role stated below will not be allowed to be "sold" to a member of that class for the sole purpose of avoiding disputes. If people really want certain "alternative" gear for their main roles they can either pay DKP, wait for backup Tier pieces or get gear from other sources like badges, heroics or PVP.

Deathknight - Tank, Melee DPS
Druids - Tank, Healer, Ranged Dps, Melee DPS
Hunter - Ranged Dps
Mage - Ranged Dps
Paladin - Healer, Tank, Melee Dps
Priest - Healer, Shadow
Rogue - Melee Dps
Shaman - Healer, Melee Dps, Ranged Dps
Warlock - Ranged Dps
Warrior - Tank, Melee Dps

The process will be quite simple. If no one "needs" the item for DKP then it will be open up to offspec to roll on the item under the above guidelines. Simple as that - highest roll wins. No arguments - no hassle. 1 shard for items taken via this method to be sent to guild bank

Alts in 25 man raids

Our rules regarding Alts in 25 man raids are as follows:

- Alts will NOT attend 25 man raids UNLESS decided that due to group makeup and boss difficulty that we need to take someone's alt to maximise the group's success. This will happen on a very rare occasion. This may be subject to change for certain instances at a later date in the future.

- If a member is asked to come on his alt for a specific encounter or for a raid due to group makeup and to maximise our chances of success or efficiency then the decision is either mine or the collective of high officers in the raid group. It is not an open debate for all members due to time constraints.

- Alts will NOT have any loot priority when it comes to receiving items from 25 man raids if they attend. They will only be able to loot items that would otherwise be sharded as no one needs them for their main set or off set gear. It is clearly understood in this guild that our 25 man prioirities are progress both by success and gearing up our mains. Though we may decide to take an alt to raid to give our group a better chance for success the loot priorities will always be in favour of main chars.

- If anyone has any concerns regarding this policy then they need to contact me either in game or by pm. I am more than happy to address any concerns when we are not raiding but I refuse to have negative discussions with members regarding my group decisions while we are in our very valuable raid time. I also don't want to have any reports from others regarding attention to these sort of discussions during raid times as they detract from our group focus and chances of success.[/color]

Trade skill Items
Very rare component drops may be obtained by the guild bank for use when crafting items for guild members. There will be designated herbalists and miners sorted at the start of each raid.

Recipe and Pattern drops

I have taken note that an adjustment needed to be made regarding the way we handle Recipe and Pattern drops in DKP instances.

There are two main types of Recipes and Patterns that need to be addressed.

The two main types are:

- Recipes or Patterns which create BOE items

- Recipes or Patterns which create BOP items

Recipes or Patterns which create BOE items

It is important to ensure that Recipes or Patterns which create BOE items are kept in the guild so that all guildies may benefit from their crafting if they want the items. Therefore there will be a priority system when allocating these drops as follows:

- All core guild members ranked "Warlord" or above have first priority when looting Recipes or Patterns which create BOE items

- All guild members ranked "Raider" have second priority when looting Recipes or Patterns which create BOE items

- All guild members ranked "Member" have third priority when looting Recipes or Patterns which create BOE items

- All Trials who have not yet been promoted to Member have fourth priority when looting Recipes or Patterns which create BOE items

Whenever an item in this category drops it will be posted in RAID CHAT so that all ranks of guild members can see what is being distributed. These items cost ZERO DKP and the determining winner of the item is to be decided by random roll by all members who qualify as posted above.

Please be of the appropriate skill level to use this Recipe or Pattern if rolling for it.

Recipes or Patterns which create BOP items
It is important to ensure that everyone who is in the guild has fair opportunities to get Recipes or Patterns which create BOP items as this will only strengthen our guild and improve the quality of gear available to our members. Therefore there will be a priority system when allocating these drops as follows:

- All guild members ranked member or above have first priority when looting Recipes or Patterns which create BOP items

- All Trials who have not yet been promoted to Member have second priority when looting Recipes or Patterns which create BOP items

Whenever an item in this category drops it will be posted in RAID CHAT so that all ranks of guild members can see what is being distributed. These items cost ZERO DKP and the determining winner of the item is to be decided by random roll by all members who qualify as posted above.

Please be of the appropriate skill level to use this Recipe or Pattern if rolling for it.

Important Note

- All Recipes and Patterns are for CAWU use ONLY. They are NOT to be redistributed for sale by members as they are meant to bring items to the guild. If a Recipe or Pattern drop gets sent to Tyga because no one needs the item it will be offered to the entire guild's groups of crafters prior to listing it on AH.

XI. Raid Rules

Rule 1 – Do what the raid leader and class leaders tell you to do at all times.

Rule 2 – Have all required addons installed or you will be removed from the raid.

Rule 3 – Always follow standard looting procedures at all times.

Rule 4 – Play focused, don’t ninja afk and don’t stress the raid (as listed in guild violations).

Rule 5 – Don’t spam the raid chat and send all suggestions by whisper please.

Rule 6 – Don’t raid with any other guilds unless otherwise given permission.

Rule 7 – When in doubt refer to Rule 1.

XII. Raid Calendar

XXV Raid Planner

As a XXV member you are required to have a mimimum attendance, and use our sign up system to make your availability known for ALL guild raids.

In XXV we use a Raid Calendar which takes a matter of seconds for members to update their status and is a mandatory requirement for members of our guild to use. It is simple, easy to use and takes a matter of seconds to update your status of availability up to 2 hours before the raid even.

Raid Signups

The raid calendar can be easily accessed by the clock/date on minimap. You must input your availability for each raid. If you haven’t used the raid calendar in-game for a raid then you will be invited only as a last priority.

- "Signing up" (accepted invite on calendar) for a raid means that you are available for the raids entirety and available at time of invites (there is a 15 min grace period for being online).

- "decline" for a raid either means that you cannot attend the raid at all or you cannot attend the entire raid (either being late for starts or being online later as a sub if necessary). If you have to leave early you have to make arrangements for a replacement with your class officer and raid leader as well as any other member involved. If you don't make arrangements for your replacement if you have to leave early it is considered a guild violation. If you must sign off

You can easily "Sign up" or "Sign off" on a raid up until and no later than 2 hours before start of invites for a raid at which time they become fixed. "Signing off" without 2 hours notice or not showing up for the event is considered the same thing - a NO SHOW for the event and a guild violation. If you do not inform us of your schedule for a particular event by either "Signing up" or "Signing off" or if you are marked as a NO SHOW then you will be invited only as a last priority.

This includes reserves. If you are on reserve you must be online at invites time. If you are needed we will invite you. If you are needed and not online you will be counted as a no show. If you are not needed at raid signup time then it will not count against you if you are not online.

Here is a simple guide for Raid Planner sign ups

Takes 2 seconds to do for each raid so please do this

It is a mandatory part of being a member of XXV that you inform of us of your availability for raids so please follow these guidelines.

Any other information’s besides what is listed below is really not necessary – we mainly just need to know if you will be there or not.

So therefore:

- If you are available to raid from start to finish then please SIGN UP on the Raid Calendar for the raid on this evening

- If you are not available to raid then please SIGN OFF on the Raid Calendar for the raid on this evening - this shows us that you are not available to raid on this evening - example: n/a. You can still be invited if things change and you are online if you have used the raid calendar in this fashion.

- If you are arriving late and only available to raid only after a specific time then please SIGN OFF on the Raid Calendar and let a Officer know.

- If for whatever reason you are giving up your starting position but are available to raid as a reserve (such as others needing gear etc etc) then put standby on the raid calendar - example: Available as a reserve this evening - giving up spot for others who need gear.


If you say you will be available as a reserve and aren't online = NO SHOW which is a guild violation.

This is the easiest bit yet - no one is going to hold your hand anymore or yell at you for not getting it done. You are now COMPLETELY RESPONSIBLE for your schedule and attendance. Nothing will be done in the forums for signups at all anymore. There will be no class lists, no raid lists, and no little threads where 10 people have an excuse as to why they are going to be late. This is cut and dry, black and white, direct and to the point. No more excuses any more.

We raid at certain times every day - it is COMPLETELY your responsibility to make sure you handle your schedule online. If you want to raid then you have to be responsible enough to sign up.

As we are a raiding guild members found regularly not informing us of their status by using the raid calendar will be warned and worst case scenario removed from the guild.

Participation and Loot priority
Participation is tracked by signups for raids on the raid calendar(Attendance) as well as DKP records.

Based on current signup activity levels which show some people as more active than others it has become apparent that a loot priority system should be put into place surrounding members activity. This is to ensure that the members who maintain what we consider as a minimum level of activity are getting properly equipped for the benefit of the guild and not losing out on drops to less active members.

We will also be using this to determine with the class leaders if we need to recruit more for your classes so keep your activity up if you want to have less members in your class.

People will be considered to be in one of these categories based on signup :

1 - Active Members - those people achieving greater than 60% in the last 3 weeks will be considered as Active and 1st priority when it comes to looting in raids or selection for raid spots.

2 - Semi-Active Members - those people achieving less than 60% in the last 3 weeks will be considered as Semi-Active and 2nd priority when it comes to looting in raids or selection for raid spots. I will discuss your status with the class officer and determine if we need to recruit more people or replace you for adequate coverage.

3 - Alts - will be considered as 3rd priority when it comes to looting in raids or selection for raid spots.

So basically to sum up - if you want to keep your class numbers down and be considered as 1st Priority for receiving loot or being selected for certain instances then stay above 60% Attendance to those places we need you. laziiness and will also be used in determining raid spots and if we need to recruit or replace people. These are very reasonable requirements guys considering our progress and we need to prioritise to make it fair to our members who put in acceptable levels of community raid effort.

Having this in place beenfits our guild in the long run.

XIV. Discipline
Guild members are expected to comply with all existing guild rules as expressed in XXV Guild rules. Failure to comply with any of these may result in disciplinary action. The Officers do not like or look forward to any disciplinary actions needed to be taken against our members. We will investigate each violation on a case-by-case basis and the action taken will be reflective of what we find. These actions may take the form of warnings, delayed loot awards, and in severe cases, a member may be kicked from the guild. Though we are not the strictest guild in this respect, repeated violation of the code of conduct will be grounds for removal from the guild. The exception is of course any zero-tolerance policy, where punishment is immediate removal and permanent bans from the guild and website.

Guild Violations
Overview: For a variety of reasons people will make mistakes. Most of the time the mistakes are honest, but they end up costing us lots of time and effort to correct, and fooling around with loot when we could be killing something instead is a pain. Therefore people who make mistakes are penalised. The number one thing to remember when trying to avoid penalties is that all loot is dispensed on a CAWU basis unless explicitly stated otherwise. The amount of a penalty is determined by its severity level. A first time violation is severity one, unless otherwise noted. A second violation of the same offence is severity two, and so on.

NINJA AFK: If you need to AFK, put up your AFK tag, inform the raid leader, put yourself on auto follow, and do your business as quickly as possible. Excessive AFKs or AFKs without an AFK tag will result in a warning because at that point you're getting raid credit for doing no raid work. That's dishonest.

INATTENTIVENESS: When raiding with XXV you are expected to be paying attention and at the top of your game. If you make a blatant, obvious mistake that can only be explained through your own failure to pay attention, you will be scolded. If you have a knack for repeated stupid mistakes, you will be warned for wasting everyone's time.

DISOBEDIENCE: Raids require strict attention to orders and details. You may not agree with every call made, and that's fine. If you have an idea for how something can be done better, engage the raid leader in tells. The raid leader will take your suggestion into consideration, but ultimately you must do what the raid leader tells you to do. If your raid leader says "jump into this pit of fire and die" then jump into the pit of fire and die, immediately. Your swift execution of orders is required for successful raids. You can ask for an explanation after the raid in the post mortem.

VIOLATION OF CAWU: If you say need for something and it is a violation of the CAWU policy, then you will be assessed a warning. ANY bid in violation of the CAWU policy will result in a warning.

TIMEKEEPING VIOLATIONS: All members who sign up for a raid are required to be online within 20 minutes of when invites start for the raid. Failing to do so results in a NO SHOW (disqualifying you from the raid) and a warning. Also risk your spot being given to some one who showed up on time.

AFK NOTICE VIOLATIONS: All members are required to post an AFK notice when they'll be unable to attend or have scheduling issues (showing up late or needing to leave early) for official guild activities that they have committed to. Please give us at least 2 hours notice for AFK notices. If you forget you’ll be given a warning.

AFK EXTENDED NOTICE VIOLATIONS: All members are required to post an AFK notice when they will be unable to attend or have scheduling issues which require them to be afk for an extended period and unable to raid. This notice must be posted a week in advance. If you forget you'll be given a warning.

DRAMA QUEENING: Raiding can be stressful. The last thing anybody needs is someone escalating tension. Anybody that stirs the proverbial shit during a raid and by doing so makes it harder to accomplish raid goals will be warned.

CORE VIOLATIONS: Any violation of the XXV Guild rules will be met with a warning.

Severity Levels
Members receiving warnings will be tracked. Each warning will be increasingly severe. Members maintaining a clear record without warnings for 60 days will have their slate cleaned and all warnings removed.

Severity 1: (honest raid or etiquette mistakes) Private warning by Tyga or the class officer in charge about the violation and a request/promise not to have any further violations.

Severity 2: (drama-queening, repeated raid or etiquette mistakes, & other specific infractions) Written warning by pm sent by Tyga or the class officer in charge about the violation(s) and a request/promise not to have any further violations.

Severity 3: (failure to adjust behaviour based on private warnings, any infraction against the member agreement) Written warning by Tyga about the violation(s) and a formal demand not to have any further violations.

Severity 4: (repeated failure to adjust behaviour based on private warnings) Public forum warning posted by Tyga about the violation(s) so everyone in the guild knows the situation and a final demand not to have any further violations. This also includes demotion to Trial for a period of 10 days as an opportunity to prove themselves and DKP can be earned but not spent on any items other than those which would otherwise be sharded.

Severity 5: (major breaches of the XXV Guild rules, or continued minor breaches of the guild rules while a member) IMMEDIATE GUILD REMOVAL

XIV. Recruitment
Invitations to join XXV are made by the Guild Master after applications are approved by the Class Officers. Potential recruits will be taken from the Application section of the XXV Website, as well as by recommendation of the membership. All potential recruits will be required to fill out an application regardless of how they come to be recommended. Recruits will be accepted at the discretion of the Officers after taking into account any relevant comments of the Core members.

While a Recruit the following rules apply:

1. A Trialist can be declined XXV membership at any time by the Officers.
2. Trials will be expected to have and use Ventrilo and use all required Mods listed in the forums.
3. Trials are being evaluated at all times by all XXV members. Your acceptance to XXV will be determined by your interaction with the guild as well as your playing prowess.

XV. Recommending Members
Recommending someone for XXV membership should be taken very seriously. You should be willing to put your own reputation at stake for said person. You should be responsible for the behaviour of anyone whom you recommend for recruitment making sure that they are the type of player you would want in XXV before recommending them.

Initiation Period:
There is no set period for Trials but generally evaluations are 4-6 weeks. Trials will be promoted to full membership at the discretion of the Officers.

XVI. Class Cap Limitations
We will carry a dynamic allotment of members per class to include active and semi-active members. This will vary depending on the activity level of the members in each specific class.

XVII. Leaving XXV
Any member not notifying the officers of "special circumstances" can be removed if inactive for more than 30 days. Leaves of absence for a longer period can be granted only if that person does not drop their guild tag.

Members voluntarily leaving XXV will lose all accumulated DKP (unless in negative DKP, in that case it will remain the same) and will be required to reapply for membership. All forum access will be revoked.

In the event that you must leave the guild, you will give ample notice of your intent to do so. You will stop acquiring loot on raids (though you may continue to raid) and you will not consume any other guild resource when you know you will be leaving.

We have two designations for people who leave the guild: "ex-XXV" and "Muppet." You will be a "ex-XXV" if you leave the guild in good standing. If you leave the guild under the following circumstances you will be considered "Muppet" and in our bad books:

Leaving in a fit of anger
Leaving without notice (regular members should give us two weeks' notice)
Leaving after acquiring droppable items before you've been in the guild for 2 months
Leaving after acquiring guild crafted items under false pretences with absolutely no intentions of reimbursing the guild for the moneys spent on you to craft them.
Applying to join another guild which obviously signifies your intent to leave without notice
Failing to pay off all debts to members

XVIII. Raid Schedule

This is our current raid schedule.
THUR = 21:00-23:30
SUN = 21:00-23:30
MON = 21:00-23:30

We dont normally pugg people on our official raids, but due to people unable to logon, dc problems or not turning up we may be forced to seek a extra person. The people we pugg, are expected to follow how we run our raids. They must have omen/dbm and connect to our vent.

Our members must ask raidleaders/officers before they get saved on pugs. as you may be required on our raids. Generally Main characters are not aloud to pugg if they are needed.

since Pugs are doing us a favour, we like to play fair and will reward them with the chance to roll for loot they may need.

If people from our guild and the pugs both need the item...they will roll against each other... highest roller wins... if a guild member wins, the item will be given to the person in the guild who has the right dkp for it.

If a pug wins it..they get the item fair and square...

XX. Guild Bank
The guild bank is there to support us on our raid campaigns, it is not for anyones personal gain and should not be abused. People who donate are more than welcome to help themselves to items they may need.

The most important things we like to be donated are:
Raw gems
Cut gems
food mats(fish feast)
enchanting mats (abyss crystal, dream shard, cosmic essence, infinite dust)
scrolls of enchantment/leg enchants(LW-tailor)
Orbs (runed, frost, crusader)
Titansteel ore/bars
Saronite ore/bars
Cobalt ore/bars

When ever you withdraw from the guild bank, it would be appriciated if you donate some gold ( some people donate gold which is half the AH price for that item) we are not asking for a huge amount, but the gold put into our bank will ne used to buy enchantment mats etc to help us prepair for raids.

If you get a item from a raid for offspec...we do not charge you DKP. But we would appriciate it if you donated 1 Abyss Crystal to the guild bank.

Our members will be gearing alot, and we want to offer them cheap(or free if everyone donates properlly and we are stocked up!) enchants, from our members who are enchanters rather than wasting 200+ gold per enchant!!!
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